Landscape design is an essential part of planning a landscape project. It is the key document that will ultimately be the guide to constructing the many details of the finished product. If you live in an HOA it is a required document for your submittal for architectural review.

Where do we start?

The base plan is the starting point which will show the necessary elements like property lines, existing hardscape, utilities and foundation of any structures on the site. After the consultation we will have notes about the clients needs and site information that will be used to begin creating the various elements of the landscape design. In most cases a subsequent consult will be scheduled to further develop the design plans.
Components of design will include the needs of the client along with the practical, ergonomic, horticultural, aesthetic and ecological sustainability elements to create an environment that is harmonious with the lifestyle of the client.

Design pages can be divided into separate elements like softscape, hardscape, lighting and irrigation or in our case most commonly combined in one sheet. Conceptual design can also be rendered in color to better portray the final product. 3D rendering is also available if more visual aid is required. We will also create and provide a plot plan for city and/or county permitting purposes when required.

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