Who is Finnamex?

Environmental resource conservation is at the heart of what we do. With a rich history and experience in the landscape design, build and plant nursery business, we have learned that the primary source of water waste is humans, not plants. Plants simply do not waste water. Because of this we look for ways to develop the habits of humans and apply smart solutions to create sustainable practices and procedures to actively promote conservation.  

Finnamex Landscape promotes education in sustainable living and the conservation of resources while creating stunning landscapes and outdoor living environments at your home. We strive to create and support good stewards of the Earth. By doing this we can conserve resources and maintain sustainable practices that provide our children a safe and healthy environment to live in. 

Being a good steward to the earth is valuable. Knowing how to make others a good steward is priceless. We work for you, we work with you, it’s just what we do. 


Partner with Finnamex and begin your journey to sustainability. 

Finnamex…Smart Solutions, Sustainable Systems.

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Located in Fallbrook, California, Finnamex, Inc. serves all of Southern California with custom landscape design and construction. We maintain our own nursery stock on 27 acres and have a beautiful demonstration garden complete with waterfalls, creeks, ponds, and much more.


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  • Lighting
    Landscape lighting adds a brilliant touch to your outdoor living environment. In many situation it increases security by reducing dark areas in your yard. Let's go over some history and the nuts and bolts of landscape lighting. Now that we've had the quality conversation it's time to get to the real deal.
  • Design
    Landscape design is an essential part of planning a landscape project. It is the key document that will ultimately be the guide to constructing the many details of the finished product. If you live in an HOA it is a required document for your submittal for architectural review.
  • Irrigation
    Irrigation is the application of a controlled amount of water to a specified area. There are many reasons for irrigation but for our purposes it is primarily to maintain landscapes. Irrigation for landscape since its beginning has been largely inefficient.
  • Smart Irrigation Control
    Basic Smart irrigation control utilizes at least one type of weather sensing device or input to adjust irrigation duration. These inputs are wired or wireless sensors on site or local weather data downloaded from an internet based weather station in your community.

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Take a look at this beautiful home in Coto de Caza designed and built by Finnamex Landscape.

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