Plant warranty:

Standard plant warranty is 90 days from date of delivery or date of plant installation. Whichever is later. The warranty covers the replacement with a plant of equal or lesser value. Warranty has no cash value. Warranty does not include delivery or installation costs. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain a proper environment after plant installation occurs. Causes of decline including but not limited to; Excess moisture, insufficient moisture, fungus, disease, insects, harsh weather, etc. are not covered under warranty. If the cause of plant death is poor workmanship including but not limited to; improper planting depth, fertilizer burn, or other obvious signs of poor workmanship, the warranty will cover the replacement plant as well as delivery and installation labor. Warranty is void if invoice payment is not made in full. Warranty claims can only be made once. After a warranty claim has been made and plants have been replaced the warranty is void and no other warranty claims can be made.

Material and parts guarantee:

Parts and material guarantee is limited to the manufacturer guarantee if one exists. Generally, parts and materials are guaranteed for at least 30 (thirty) days from job completion or parts and materials are put into service depending on job conditions. Finnamex is not responsible for replacement costs outside of workmanship related failures. Any parts or materials that are replaced under a manufacturer guarantee cover only the cost of the parts or materials in question. Parts and material Guarantee does not include delivery or labor costs. Material and parts guarantee is void if invoice payment is not made in full.

Workmanship Guarantee:

Workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 90 days from job completion or on projects lasting longer than 90 days from date the work was put into service, whichever comes first. Workmanship guarantee is void if invoice payment is not made in full.

Low voltage lighting:

Light fixture replacement warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Their respective warranty will apply. Low voltage lighting fixture replacement labor is not covered under warranty.


Items, parts, plants or any other materials or services not sold by Finnamex, Inc. have no warranty other than manufacturer backed warranties if any. Finnamex, Inc. reserves the right to evaluate and diagnose the claim or cause of failure to validate warranty claims. If warranty claim is found to be frivolous a consult or inspection fee may apply.

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