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My name is Martti Silvola and welcome to my family.
I’m a landscape design build contractor with a wonderful wife and 5 children. We love the outdoors and we love spending time together. I like building

things and developing new business opportunities wherever I can. This lead to ScaleScapes. It fits perfectly with what I already do and now I can do some of the things I love and be on vacation at the same time. was an idea that developed after some good conversations with Rodney Wills over the years. We have collaborated over a few ideas and now the next step is to start building the image and the lifestyle that harbors production and entertainment in a healthy environment. The

idea is to build an environment that my kids can get involved in and hopefully take on a business position and have fun everyday. This may be a dream or an uncertain goal but a healthy goal non the less. In 2016 my family and I attended Axialfest for the first time. It was long overdue. We as a family had such a wonderful experience that we decided that this has to be part of our lives now. At Axialfest, even with so many people around it was such a positive vibe that it really opened my eyes. I’m a loner by nature and really don’t like crowds so this was an experience for sure. So now its time to get busy and start having some fun!

So now some basics. We are a big family. Not a big corporation. We love what we do but can only do what we can. It may be slow but we work everyday to make this a reality.

Stay tuned as we move forward developing services and products to help you ‘Find Your Adventure’

In the meantime, please support your scale crawler world by upgrading your rigs with the coolest scale products and help an aspiring family feed their bellies.

Till next time…
Martti Silvola
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