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Finnamex, Inc. offers a broad range of solutions for your outdoor environment. We start with a consultation to draw as much personal preference detail as we can. An Estimate will follow according to the information we have to work with. In most cases a 2D CAD design is needed to produce an accurate project estimate. This will be provided with a deposit towards the project as a whole. Design fees will be discussed on a per project level. The design process will weed out the unknowns and most of the questions that come up during project development.



Landscape lighting adds a brilliant touch to your outdoor living environment. In many situation it increases security by reducing dark areas in your yard. Let’s go over some history and the nuts and bolts of landscape lighting. Now that we’ve had the quality conversation it’s time to get to the real deal.



Irrigation is the application of a controlled amount of water to a specified area. There are many reasons for irrigation but for our purposes it is primarily to maintain landscapes. Irrigation for landscape since its beginning has been largely inefficient.


Subsurface Drip Irrigation (also known as ‘SDI’) solves nearly every irrigation application problem that we face today. Wind-drift, evaporation, overspray, runoff, low infiltration and distribution uniformity issues are all either non existent or easily manageable with SDI.


Here at Finnamex we maintain and grow our own landscape material. We supply from our nursery or we source from our network of mostly local growers and wholesalers to supply the needs for every job.


Softscape is the vegetation in your landscape. Specifically the living items. It is the key part that creates the live natural aspect of your outdoor living space or garden. It is a vital building block of a harmonious environment where you can relax and re-energize your well being.



There are number of reasons seasonal maintenance is a good fit for some projects. Sometimes the cost of ownership is high for weekly or monthly details or the type of landscape does not require it.


Pavers are an excellent selection for a more upscale and luxurious look in your landscape. The broad selection of colors and patterns make pavers adaptable to nearly any landscape environment.



For the more demanding clients in our service areas we provide weekly and monthly service schedules. These schedules are tailored to the needs of the project and the client as well.


Landscape design is an essential part of planning a landscape project. It is the key document that will ultimately be the guide to constructing the many details of the finished product. If you live in an HOA it is a required document for your submittal for architectural review.


Basic Smart irrigation control utilizes at least one type of weather sensing device or input to adjust irrigation duration. These inputs are wired or wireless sensors on site or local weather data downloaded from an internet based weather station in your community.


Water features are a unique and attractive accent or even center piece that can set your outdoor living space apart from the standard. The relaxing sound of running water can create a feeling of being in nature that is otherwise nearly impossible to replicate.


Concrete is a remarkably universal product. It is used widely in many different ways and in many different applications. Typically our use of decorative concrete is for sidewalks, driveways, patios.


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