Our History

Finnamex began in 1974 when Aarre Silvola brought his family of six from Finland to continue his  work as a horticulturist in an environment that would allow him to work nearly year round.  His work and study took him around the globe to places including Finland, England, Switzerland, Minnesota, and California. Even more interesting is that for five generations, his family line has included well known foresters and biologists. He started from scratch, building a nursery from the ground up.  He would often deliver and install the plant material for his customers. This service was widely accepted with enthusiasm since many customers didn’t want to go somewhere else to find an installer for their new plant material. Customers liked the “Installed” option.


Our Work

In the early 90’s, Finnamex was looking for a better way to irrigate landscapes. Sprinkler irrigation did its job but it was inefficient and something that
needed to be improved on. Sub-surface drip was the answer. It works very much like the typical drip line you see in your or your neighbor’s yard currently except that you can’t see it. This drip line needs no emitters to install and no spaghetti lines to attach and it is buried about 3″ beneath the surface. The emitters are factory installed and spaced evenly throughout the entire tube length. Sub-surface drip is by far the most efficient healthy way to water your landscape. Over the years our services grew with demand. Landscape design, grading, drainage, concrete, masonry and other general landscape services were added while nursery sales supported our installation with plant material. Now, with over 70 combined years of experience in the business, Finnamex can continue to bring the beauty of God’s Creation to your home.

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